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Spring Blush Rose

Spring Blush Rose

Right Handed:

Left Handed:
Keep those crochet hooks ready and crochet along with part 3 of this 5-part series. Learn to turn a single crocheted rose pattern into 5 separate and unique flowers. You’ll know how to crochet an entire bouquet in no time at all! Each of these flowers is derived from the Red Irish Rose, pattern # FP391.

Happy Crocheting,

Maggie Weldon Bio:
Crochet designer and publisher Maggie Weldon from has spent over 45 years crocheting and 30 years designing crochet patterns. She started Maggie’s Crochet in 1981 and in 1997. Fast forward 30 years, has become the largest all-crochet site on line, with thousands of crochet patterns and hundreds of free patterns.
In 2007, Maggie started a gorgeous line of hand made pottery using old & new lace and porcelain clay. Maggie Weldon Lace Pottery has been featured in Southern Living and Victoria magazines and is carried all over the United States. Visit to see her designs. was started Jan 2011. Hundreds of free crochet patterns are posted on this site including the 2011 Dishcloth-a-Day Challenge.
Join Maggie on her very active Facebook page: to interact with her and thousands of fellow crocheters from all over the world!

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