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Learn to Knit, Super Easy Ruffled Scarf

Learn to Knit, Super Easy Ruffled Scarf



Starbella Yarn: How do I knit a scarf? If you have asked yourself this question here is the answer. Knit, Knit, Knit but an easy knit pattern for a scarf works well for many of us. If you are looking for the answer what is knit this pattern is not for you. This is a super simple knit scarf pattern and using the Starbella yarn you may make this knit pattern in 30 minutes. Yes it is that simple.
In this video I want to show you how to knit a ruffled knit scarf with my super easy knit pattern. Following this knit pattern stitch you should be able to knit a ruffled scarf in 30 minutes or less! This Free Ruffled Knit Scarf pattern is worked in one row of knit cluster stitches. Here’s a link to Part 1 of this tutorial in case you missed it –
Part 1:
Part 2:
Other materials great for making ruffled scarves:
Fabulous Yarn:
Starbella Stripes:
Starbella Flash:
Jumbo Stitch Markers:
Dreams Hooks:
Dreams Hook Set:…
Happy Kniting!
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Keywords: Knit, Knit pattern, Knit patterns kniting pattern, kniting patterns, Knit design, how do I knit, what is knit, yarn, knit free pattern, knit scarfLearn some tips and tricks for making scarves and working with Red Heart Boutique Sashay, the most favorite ruffling scarf yarn. Kristin Omdahl shows how to cast on, how to knit, and how to bind off with Sashay.
My free written pattern to help you and show you pictures is available at I use only 6 stitches across and it will end up being about 5 Feet in length. I show how to cast on, knit and cast off in this video. Easy to do and it works up really quick in about 3 hours.

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